Guided Tours

DorisTeA - Arte e Turismo - Roma - Visite Guidate - Percorsi

Themed Tours

designed to discover the Eternal City from different angles: Christian Rome, Archaeological Rome, Baroque Rome, Modern and Contemporary Rome, the historic Parks and Villas, the surroundings of Rome and much more. Stories, places and characters from the
“Capital of the World” will be revealed to you as you go through the centuries on a timeless journey.

DorisTeA - Arte e Turismo - Roma - Visite Guidate - Visite Specializzate

Specialized Visits

conducted by licensed and specialized tour guides, art historians and archaeologists, where you can learn the details and the secrets of Roman engineering, the mastery of medieval mosaicists, the genius of Renaissance painters and the majesty of Baroque sculpture but also the rationalist architecture and the new buildings of contemporary Rome. Specialized service of multi-sensory tactile visits for the blind and the partially blind.

DorisTeA - Arte e Turismo - Roma - Visite Guidate - Visite Personalizzate

Personalized Itineraries

designed exclusively for you. You can create your itinerary to meet your every need. Tailor-made tours for young and old, guided tours with actors to immerse yourselves in distant times and treasure hunts among the monuments of the city. Cycling routes, golf-cart tours and horseback rides always accompanied by licensed tour guides.

DorisTeA - Arte e Turismo - Roma - Visite Guidate - Degustazioni

Food and Wine Tastings and Cooking Lessons

to learn how to cook traditional dishes knowing the secrets revealed by professional chefs. Stroll in the heart of Rome between traditional Roman dishes and kosher cuisine, desserts and aperitifs. Tour of the “fraschette at the Castelli Romani”, the strawberries of Nemi, wine tours and tastings in Umbria and Tuscany, and much more.

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