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DorisTeA - Arte e Turismo - Roma - Didattica - Didattica per le Scuole

Educational Tours for Schools

and planning of guided, cultural and environmental itineraries for schools of all levels. Educational outings, educational trips and guided tours aimed at acquiring new knowledge of the territory and culture in local, regional, national and foreign contexts.

DorisTeA - Arte e Turismo - Roma - Didattica - Laboratori per Bambini

for Children

to develop their curiosity and their innate creativity. Guided tours with supplied educational material, workshops at exhibitions or museums but also purely fun activities: painting courses, sculpture, baby chefs and cooking classes.

DorisTeA - Arte e Turismo - Roma - Didattica e Lezioni

Lessons and Conferences

for enthusiasts or experts in the arts sector. Conferences of art and archeology for all those who wish to learn, deepen or update on specific or more general topics of art history, an artist, an archaeological site as well as food and wine or crafts.

DorisTeA - Arte e Turismo - Roma - Didattica - Arte e Fotografia

Meetings for Art and Photography

to meet and get to know a photographer or a contemporary artist, his work and his message. Workshops, photography courses, seminars and editorial presentations. Meetings in which you can tell and analyze the relationships between contemporary art, architecture and photography through film, video and installations.

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For inquiries, information and quotes